The Next Generation of Breast Cancer Detection

We are so passionate and excited about what this technology means for women. We simply cannot be contained and hidden behind brick and mortar. Our bus, is on the road so more women can hear about what this technology can do for them and the next generation of women. 

We believe more women will beat this disease thanks to this technology so we are going to be in the community so everyone can see us. We are big and we are going to make it an experience focused on a positive health outcome.  We are making it fun and celebrating the thousands of lives that will be saved thanks to this amazing technology. We know breast cancer has caused devastation to many families and we are dedicated to stopping that devastation. DOCS Tomo focuses on hope for all women and their families who benefit from this technology well into the future .

DOCs Tomo is the first mobile screening facility in the nation to offer Siemens True Breast Tomosynthesis technology and we are hitting the road BIG. Our desire is to change the way women see breast cancer screenings, detection and survival.

  • Large groups
  • Civic organizations
  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • Award Program benefits for organizer, ask for details.

DOCs Tomo Ambassadors are women who live, work and play in the community and are interested in two things:

  • Helping their friends, co-workers and family receive the very best breast cancer screening available.
  • Is interested in earning a free Tomosynthesis screening.

How do I organize a group visit?

It requires some organization and we will help you along the way. We will first schedule a focus group  for your organization or group and make a brief presentation explaining the technology.  At that time, we will also provide details  on how to schedule the bus at your location.  Don't forget to ask us about  our awards program for group organizers.


  • Call DOCs Tomo  to schedule a visit  
  • DOCs Tomo focus group presentation 
  • Bus arrives and screens 

Initially we will be offering DOCs Tomo to women in several communities including St. Petersburg, Leesburg, Eustis and Ocala. Call today to schedule an appointment at one of these locations.

Mobile Facility

DOCs Tomo Ambassadors

We understand that spreading the word about this amazing new technology cannot be done alone, so we are looking to you, the women of our community to be our brand ambassadors. 

All women should become Brand Ambassadors

  • Tell the women you know about the technology. Tomo is 43% more accurate than a mammogram.
  • Post it on social media.
  • Schedule a group visit (minimum of 20  ladies needed for a mobile visit).

Organize a DOCs Tomo visit

Get on board