The Next Generation of Breast Cancer Detection

Why DOCs Tomo?

Which one would you choose?

Seeing is believing….

DOCs is a family owned and operated medical facility offering more than 40 years of imaging experience. The core mission of our business is to put the patient first by offering the latest technology so doctors can better identify disease. As trained technologists we search the industry and stay abreast of the latest in imaging technology. As a result, we chose Siemens as our Tomosynthesis provider, believing their equipment surpasses the competition. We discovered, although Tomosynthesis is the latest technology in the marketplace to offer better detection, not all Tomosynthesis is created equally.

In the image seen to the right, a competitor’s machine scans the breast with a 15 degree arc. Our Siemens equipment scanned the same breast with a 50 degree arc, which is the widest arc available.

Once your screening is complete the images are assembled into a 3D study so Radiologists can see and study the breast tissue in fine detail. The 3D image allows them to see clearly through breast tissue that may be overlapping, or through the tissue of women with dense breasts. They are better able to detect and diagnose small tumors and rule out abnormalities that may have looked suspicious in the patient’s 2D mammogram.

Adding digital breast Tomosynthesis to a patient’s traditional 2D digital mammogram increases detection of breast tumors by up to 43%. We know that in clinical practice, this increased diagnostic accuracy also means fewer diagnostic biopsy procedures and fewer anxiety-inducing recalls, both of which contributes to improved patient outcomes and reduced costs.

DOCs hires only the best technologists. Our team completed special training and certification on the new Tomosynthesis technology prior to DOCs offering this service publicly. In addition, all studies are interpreted  by Board Certified and specially Tomosynthesis trained Radiologists.