The Williams’ are recognized as progressive business owners focused on meeting the needs and expectations of doctors and their patients. Their philosophy is, " if we take care of our patients and our doctors everything works." This sounds easy but it has been no simple task, especially as healthcare and insurance has changed so drastically in our country.
In 2012, the Williams noticed a decline in business and as a result realized that the imaging needs of the community had not changed but that fewer people had insurance to help pay for it. The Williams’ responded with a business model for patients without insurance called Affordable Medical Imaging, offering affordable services and payment plans for those without insurance or with high deductibles. Business was once again on track and doctors and patients needs were being met. 
This business model was so popular with patients and providers that the demands for other affordable healthcare services were recognized. As a result, another business evolved to meet patient needs called The Affordable Healthcare Network. But the Williams did not stop there. When advanced technology provided a better method for breast cancer detection, Tomosynthesis, they quickly set up a plan to provide this technology to as many women as possible, As a result, DOCs Tomo was developed in 2015 and became mobile in 2016. 

DOCs Tomo is a division of Diagnostic Outpatient Center, (DOCs) a family owned and operated imaging facility for more than 40 years. Larry Williams and his two sons Christopher and Matthew Williams are dedicated to the communities they serve. Currently, DOCs has imaging facilities located in St. Petersburg, Leesburg, Eustis and Ocala, Florida.

The Next Generation of Breast Cancer Detection

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